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Client Instructions


By following a few important steps, you can help medical and legal professionals assist you better when you have suffered from food poisoning. Alternatively, you may find that you need to assist a family member who has contracted a foodborne illness and is unable to follow the advice given here without your help. The important thing is to protect your health and your legal rights, or those of your loved ones.

Regarding Your Health:

  • See your doctor.

If you feel that your physical symptoms are related to the consumption of food, whether from a restaurant or in your or someone else’s home, you should visit your doctor. Of course, if you are experiencing severe symptoms you should consult a doctor or visit an emergency room immediately.

  • Report food poisoning to your county health department.

By reporting your illness to your county health department, you are helping them identify and investigate an outbreak and prevent others from becoming ill. Their investigation can bring an outbreak to a halt and help determine what went wrong.

  • Have a stool sample taken.

Be sure that your doctor, or the hospital where you are receiving treatment, takes a stool sample to identify the foodborne pathogen responsible for your symptoms. Additional testing called PFGE can determine if the pathogen that caused your illness is the same strain that has caused a particular outbreak of foodborne illness. PFGE provides a DNA “fingerprint” of the pathogen. It is a powerful epidemiologic tool that can link individual victims (or a food product) to a specific outbreak.

  • Follow your doctor’s advice.

Your health is your doctor’s primary concern. By following your doctor’s advice, you not only show your commitment to your well-being, but you also make it possible for your doctor to develop a record of your condition. Do not miss doctor’s appointments. Do not fail to inform your doctor about your symptoms. Always be honest with your doctor; if you cannot remember something, say so.

  • Keep food samples.

Refrigerate suspected food (either prepared meal or ingredients) in a bag or plastic container and label “Danger: Do Not Eat.” A food sample may not be necessary to prove that you have suffered from food poisoning (especially if a stool sample has been taken), but it may be helpful nonetheless. Contact your county board of health and let them know that you have a sample of the suspect food. They can do the necessary testing.

  • Keep track of your records.

If you consult a law firm, your attorney may ask you for contact information for all of your doctors, as well as for information regarding any hospital stays and medical bills. If you feel that you have contracted food poisoning at a restaurant, your attorney may also ask for the receipt from your meal. Remember not to throw any documentation away.

Regarding Your Case:

  • Talk to your attorney.

Your attorney is the best person to represent you. It is important that you do not talk to anyone else who asks you for a written or oral statement without first speaking to your attorney.

  • Keep yourself informed.

Keep up-to-date on the status of your case. If you have questions about the timeline of your case, possible outcomes, your role in the ongoing process or any other aspect of your case, do not hesitate to ask your attorney.

  • Know your rights.

Your attorney can help you understand what compensation may be due you as a result of food poisoning. While each case is different, individuals who have suffered from foodborne illnesses have been compensated for their medical expenses, for pain and suffering, and for lost wages, for example.

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For over two decades, the Law Firm of Eric H. Weinberg has provided outstanding legal services for our clients.

We know that each case we take on is about an injured person or his or her family in need of legal counsel. That’s why we are committed to each client and to keeping him or her in the know regarding the specifics and the status of the case.

We place our extensive legal knowledge; our working relationships with top-notch medical and scientific experts; and our thorough investigative and research skills at the service of every client.

We hope that you will learn more about the Law Firm of Eric H. Weinberg in these pages. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with your questions or concerns. We look forward to placing our experience and knowledge at your service.

Eric H. Weinberg, Esq.

Eric H. Weinberg is the principal of the Weinberg Law Firm, which has been based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, since1984. Mr. Weinberg is also “Of Counsel” to the firm of Cohen, Placitella and Roth in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, and Red Bank, New Jersey.

Mr. Weinberg has twenty two years of experience in the prosecution of civil cases including pharmaceutical drug and device litigation matters. He has longstanding experience in the prosecution of negligence, product liability, and medical malpractice matters. He has both prosecuted and defended criminal cases.

Mr. Weinberg currently represents hundreds of individuals, or their survivors, who suffered serious personal injuries or died as a consequence of taking the prescription drug Vioxx. The firm has filed over 300 cases in Atlantic County, New Jersey, on behalf of victims of the drug Vioxx, and represents other clients whose cases are under investigation.

Mr. Weinberg played a leading role in the consolidated discovery and expert development areas in consolidated litigation in Philadelphia involving the statin drug, Baycol. In 2003, Mr. Weinberg successfully negotiated a $68.5 million settlement of a significant number of cases on behalf of injured victims of Baycol.

Mr. Weinberg was instrumental in obtaining a $670 million dollar class action settlement for individuals with hemophilia who were injured by defective pharmaceutical blood products. He obtained settlements in cases of individuals in New Jersey and New York who suffered HIV infection for an additional amount of over $30 million.

In connection with his representation of individuals with hemophilia and HIV, Mr. Weinberg was involved in the organization, funding and direction of legislative strategies in New Jersey and New York that led to changes in the statutes of limitations in both jurisdictions, permitting injured persons to bring claims that might otherwise have been time-barred. Mr. Weinberg authored the law that is currently on the books in New York State giving injured persons their rights to the court system.

Mr. Weinberg currently serves as a Trustee of the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey. In 1995, the Association presented him with its President’s Award, given in recognition of extraordinary service to the Hemophilia Community.

Mr. Weinberg currently is engaged in the litigation of matters in civil and criminal courts in the States of New Jersey and New York. His experience as a trial lawyer began in 1980, when he was employed by the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office. He was appointed as Chief of Juvenile Prosecutions in 1981. He also handled adult prosecutions and supervised detective staff in major crime investigations.

Mr. Weinberg left the Prosecutor’s Office in 1983, and was employed at the law firm of Franchino, Lenahan & Cross until late 1984. He served as an associate of the firm, whose primary clients were insurance companies, and was involved as a defense lawyer in the trial of numerous civil matters involving personal injury and other claims.

In the years since Mr. Weinberg established his own firm, he has obtained significant verdicts and settlements in his clients’ favor. In addition to the settlement in the Baycol and Hemophilia/HIV litigations, which were resolved for an aggregate sum in excess of $750 million, he has had several recoveries in negligence and product liability matters in state and federal courts in excess of a million dollars. To date, Mr. Weinberg has tried over two hundred cases to conclusion. (Please see Our Successful Cases for more information.)

Mr. Weinberg is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the New Jersey State Bar Association, and the Middlesex County Bar Association.

He has served as a Visiting Lecturer at Cook College, Rutgers University, where he has taught a Senior Honors Colloquium entitled, “AIDS, Blood and Litigation.” The course examined issues that may arise beginning with the discovery of a compound and continuing through pharmaceutical research and development, licensure, marketing, and post marketing, as well as the impact of defective drugs and devices on public health and the legal infrastructure.

Mr. Weinberg has been an invited speaker for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, the Defense Research Institute, Mealey’s, and Mass Torts Made Perfect on topics relating to the prosecution and settlement of serious injury cases, including mass torts and catastrophic injury cases.

Mr. Weinberg graduated from Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1977, and from Boston University School of Law in 1980. He is admitted to the Bar of the States of New Jersey and New York, as well as numerous federal courts. He was appointed as a member of the Steering Committee of Multi-District Litigation 986, In Re Factor VIII and Factor IX Blood Products, in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, and served on the Executive Committee of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in that litigation.

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