December 23, 2007: North Carolina Listeriosis – Pregnant Women Warned About Listeriosis Risks

Three North Carolina Listeriosis Cases Identified – The North Carolina Division of Public Health has issued a warming to pregnant women in the wake of a Listeria outbreak in the state. Three confirmed cases of listeriosis, the illness resulting from the consumption of Listeria-contaminated food, have been identified, and one probable case has been found as well.

The three confirmed Listeria cases involved Hispanic women who were pregnant. Two women miscarried, while the third delivered her baby early. Both mother and baby are doing well, according to state public health officials. The probable case also involves a Hispanic woman who miscarried.

In all four instances, the pregnant women ate soft cheeses, though not the same ones. A state laboratory identified different strains of Listeria in the four cases. Since a single product was not determined to be the source of the contamination, the public health warning is general in scope, cautioning pregnant women against eating soft cheeses, hot dogs, deli-style meats and prepared salads.

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